When it's got to get there.........Now!

Breakaway courier has served our direct rush customers since 1995. It has been our priveledge to serve some of the finest  companies in North America. We specialize in direct rush. That means we pickup and deliver directly to you or your customer.  We make sure it's the correct part number or product that you specify. We make sure it reaches the correct person. We do not simply drop it off at receiving as most couriers do unless specified. Just think, your customer has a line down or requires a critical component to keep your plant running. You need a courier who will not only make sure it is the correct part but make sure it gets to the person that needs it.....immediatly! No other courier or taxi will give you personalized service as Breakaway will. It would be our priveledge to serve your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.